Name Karma

Over the past week, I made three mistakes in names. Not a good thing for someone who writes for a living. I managed to transpose letters, add extra letters and assign people new names as if I were their long forgotten parent.

I even managed to misspell the name of a company on their invoice…. The good news was that they called two hours later and nicely suggested that it was probably something with my spellcheck program and not with my brain and assigned more work…

But then at 5 pm I get an email from the owner of my yoga studio, who says that the May newsletter I put together for her is great, and then adds, “I have made a couple changes…like my name  :).”

I was standing in traffic and just broke down. Not her too! How could I mess this up? Why couldn’t I just spell correctly? What kind of name karma moment was this?

Obviously, all those sugary treats I’ve been eating lately telling myself that they help brain function only contributed to my growing love handles.

Still waiting for green light, I typed her an apologetic email on my phone, and then decided just to call her.  Our conversation went something like this.

Me: “I am so so incredibly sorry. I can’t spell. I am a horrible writer. I know I need to double-check names and I do but I obviously need a new brain.”

Her: “Oh, it was no problem at all. Just a quick change.”

Me: “But I should have caught it….”

Her: “There was no way you could. I got married on Saturday.”



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