Games People Play

Somewhere in the basement there is a game called Shoots and Ladders, said B. on the way to Grandma’s house. That was one thing he wanted to find – games that they played as kids. Then the idea morphed into cleaning them up and letting people take home what they want and share them with their kids. Infect them with your enthusiasm and feel the joy togetherness. Giving memories a new life.

How else to reconnect with a kid in you if not through your favorite games? Even the ones you thought were stupid but played anyway because your cousin loved it, or everyone else loved it and was really good at it and it was the only way to spend time together? Dressing cardboard dolls and making up stories about them. Casting your secret spell and giving the dice a vicious roll. Winning with your brilliant strategy.  It’s like a time machine that makes you feel eight again, and loving it.

games 4

Shoots and Ladders Game

shoots and ladders game

My favorite game when I was a child was called “A Big Cosmic Adventure.” Now that I think about it, I just liked the concept of a big cosmic adventure. Or maybe it was because the playing field looked like this crazy quilt with intergalactic creatures and space stations and flying sneakers and rocket sharks.  There was a tram “Neptune – Moscow.” And the first person to meet the comet – won.

Great cosmic adventure game

What was your favorite game?


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