Halloween Treats and Deviant Tendencies

B. said let’s make Halloween dinner. I said, “Like severed fingers?”

That’s considering that you can get a Master’s degree in criminal science at our house just by being around all murder drama on TV. There used to be a time when I thought knowing where period came from was disgusting…

Coming up with recipes is not my strong suite, if you don’t count just tossing together whatever is in the fridge. So we turned to the web. Fifteen minutes of searching on the web yielded us “mummy meatloaf” and “swamp monsters.”

Then B. found chocolate mice. Cute little buggers. With tails. I instantly pictured them with a fork sticking from the back. Then I noticed that total prep time is 2 hours. B. made a sad face. Mice were a go.

Then it turned out that the prep time didn’t include baking chocolate cake that would later turn into mice flesh. In fact, it would have to be divided into two parts: bodies and fur. Bodies would be shaped by hand and be allowed to cool off. The fur would be dried in the oven and then attached to cold bodies with tempered chocolate. Toothpicks would be inserted to create anuses later to be replaced with a licorice tails. When twisted the tails in, you have to be forceful but gentle. Finally, red eyes would be piped, carefully, so that they don’t bleed out.

chocolate mice halloween

This was done by a cute gal with curled blond hair:

chocolate mouse  halloween

And the arthritic fingers… T. suggested that they should be bleeding:



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