The Good Wife Moment

Two years ago, M. introduced me to The Good Wife, a TV show about a kick-ass lawyer played by Gulianna Margulies. She is smart, classy, caring, loving and able to have an affair without ruining her marriage.

B. and I had watched all the past seasons on Amazon Prime and can’t wait for the new season to end on TV and go to Prime. Because it’s impossible to watch it one at a time.

Today I was supposed to meet my new Toastmasters mentor, an uber-energetic and organized P., at the downtown offices of a top Las Vegas law firm. In my usual dark jeans and sweater I felt like I was wearing PJs.

The mentoring session was supposed to be for an icebreaker, as in the first speech a person makes. The newcomer stuff that comes from soul searching and a few funny stories. I had jotted down notes but that was about it.

When I got to our meeting, P. said, “Let’s go to our conference room. We’ve held Toastmasters contests there before.”

I followed her down the corridor with oak-clad offices sporting fantastic views from the 17th floor to a conference room that can seat a hundred. She took her seat in the front row and said, “Go ahead. I’m ready.”

“But I just brought the notes…”

“We’ll work on that. But for now, just start talking…”

This was my Good Wife moment. I was Gulianna Margulies in the partner meeting, minus the suit and the prospect of partnership. I stood there before the invisible audience, found imaginary Will Garner in the audience, and started my icebreaker,

“When my dad wanted me to dig up an acre of potatoes, he used to say, ‘There are no obstacles to you neither on land nor on sea.””


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