A Day Without Sue: A Perfect Day in Chicago

It’s only fitting that a trip to Chicago would start at the Untitled, a speakeasy-inspired supper club/bar in a dark, sprawling basement complete with a formidable whiskey collection, live music, to-die-for tapas and Al Capone on the wall. Here we met Janet, a lawyer in Mad Men-style glasses, who the next morning texted me an itinerary for “Anna’s Day in Chicago.” Complete with passwords

Untitled bar chicago

John Hancock Observatory. “It takes only 39 seconds to get to the 94th floor,” said an elevator attendant here. “Will it make my ears pop?” I asked. “More than once.”  What do you do when you get to the top? You have a Nutella espresso with a view.

chicago john hancock observatory

What kept amazing me in Chicago was the crazy juxtaposition of old and new, like the Old Chicago Water Tower and the skyscrapers around it.


Or the lacy Wrigley Building against the steel and glass.

wrigley building chicago

Some heads are bigger than others. This one in front of the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art also comes with its own palette in a surreal nod to our collective imagination.

Head sculpture chicago contemporary art

The Atrium Mall also houses the government center. Here I got yelled at by the security guards for taking photos. It didn’t exactly stop me.

atrium mall chicago

A Miro sculpture across the street for the Daley Plaza. Chicago = hidden gems.

Miro sculpture chicago

Macy’s on State Street is getting ready for the Thanksgiving Day Parade.  A beautiful historic building, it used to be the flagship store for Marshall Field & Co.

macy's chicago

I had every intention of getting closer to greatness by the Monet paintings at the Art Institute of Chicago but instead, I asked a guy in a tie to take a very touristic photo by the Bean at the Millennium Park.

chicago bean

PS: Allen wants to know what I was doing in Chicago if I didn’t go to see Sue, a 40-foot-long T. Rex at the Field Museum. Not sure what to tell him.


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