Dreaming Never Hurts

japanese chins sleepingA couple of weeks ago, after a day of asking several dozen strangers about something I had a very vague idea about I had a dream. It was my birthday and President Obama and the first lady were scheduled to make an appearance. If this part wasn’t strange enough, the party was held at our old apartment on the 12th floor.

The secret service people staked out the place. Then the President came. He took off his bomber jacket and a ski mask and said, “Happy birthday, Anna. Unfortunately, I can’t stay long but here’s Michelle.”

This is where my brain goes into overdrive… Since it’s such a rare opportunity, can I interview her? A tiny little bit? Can I record answers? Can I put them on YouTube? Do I have to get permission? What questions to ask? I came up with a list…

When I woke up, my temples were throbbing. I turned on the TV and there she was on the news, talking about her wardrobe. I felt like I was having an out of body experience.

Since then I’ve dreamt about interviewing a guy who has a space capsule in his back yard and going on a ride-along with a bomb squad.

Can’t wait to see what the pain pills prescribed by the dentist will produce tonight.


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