B’s New Girlfriend

B.’s got a new girlfriend. Her name is Gladys. As he gears up for work, he says, “OK, Gladys,” smiles and heads out the door to spend the day with the woman of his dreams.

I asked him what nationality she is and apparently she’s American. I thought maybe at least a hot Australian. Or a cool German blond. That I could have lived with.

Last night we were driving home from the movies and B. said, disappointed, “She turns herself off.”

“You mean you turn her on and then after a while if nothing happens she turns herself off?” I just wanted to clarify.

“She could have stayed on,” B. said.

Gladys goes to bed with us at night and wakes up with us in the morning. Apparently pretty soon she’ll be able to capture my man’s imagination even better with news, videos and comics on demand projected right onto his retina.

Why is her name Gladys? Because she’s hard of hearing and keeps thinking he says, “Glass.” As in Google Glass.

google glass


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