Day of Firsts

Today was my day of firsts.

It’s not like I haven’t been to a trade show before… but at the New Media Expo that I was covering, three things happened that reminded me to never take anything for granted (and pay extra attention on your first day back after vacation.)

1. I almost tripped over someone lying in the aisle. A man was apparently filming something with his handy GoPro camera and in search of a better angle sprawled himself in front of an exhibit. Maybe he was banking on the show not being very busy, and he wasn’t too far off.

2. Someone took a photo of me holding my business card so that they “could remember what I looked like.” That actually seems like a cool way to keep track of new connections. The rational part of my brain thought “learn it, live it and love it” but it still felt odd.

3. A sales rep for a massage company stopped me just as I was about to round the corner and asked if I wanted a free massage. I said no. At this, he proceeded to stick electrodes just under my collar. I was so taken aback that my brain frozen and my jaw dropped. The two electrodes were connected to an mp3 player-size gadget. The guy cranked up the volume and I felt my back muscle start to pulsate.

“So can this be applied to any body parts?” I asked the rep. He drew a blank, blushed and said,

“They are well sanitized.”


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