What to Do If You Don’t Feel Like Working


So you sat down to work but it’s just not going to happen? Here’s a rundown of ideas on how to occupy your time and maybe even coax, persuade or gently push your brain into productivity.

1.Squeeze pimples. First of all, you’ve got to do that at some point anyway. Why not now? You’re guaranteed instant gratification when the white stuff comes out. Alternative: pluck extra hairs with tweezers.

2. Bake a cake. That accomplished three goals simultaneously. First, it gives you a timeframe on torture. If it takes half an hour to bake, that’s how long you need to work for. And that you can manage. Second, it’s sugar and your brain needs that to function. Third, you can always tell someone you’ve baked it special for them and then share. Win win.

3. Take your car in for a brake inspection. Admit it, you’ve been wanting to do that for a long time, and by now the brake light is permanently on. A car inspection buys you at least an hour of time you can legitimately write off as doing something productive while hanging out on Facebook.

4. Call parents. Not because you want something but just because you want to hear their voice.

5. Ruff up your pet. Especially if it’s a cat (see how much she likes you after that). Rub them in all the right places and make them hyper and toss ball with them if that’s what they like and flip them over and blow on their stomach. Make them run around like crazy and wear them out.

6. Tell someone you love that you love them. And mean it.


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