Nature Tuesday: Mr. Highness Makes His Move

catThe other day I woke up to a scream of frustration. It was coming from the hallway, where we have an ongoing tournament between B. and T. in half a dozen games, from backgammon to scrabble to blokus.

One of the games is this wooden contraption with a bunch of pegs arranged in a square and white and dark beads you are supposed to place on them to make a line. It doesn’t say on the bottom what it’s called and no one in our house seems to know.

Mr. Highness the cat watches the games with interest, I thought, because they are on the same counter as his food. For him it’s kind of like “dinner and a show.”

But then one night noticed him making his way across each game, carefully, on his soft cat paws, all the way until he got to the bead game. There, he laid down on an elevated vantage point, the position that placed his tail right next to the beads. Every few seconds, he’d lift the end of his tail, sending a bead or two off their pegs. Not sign of mischief crossed his whiskered face.

When he was done, he’d jump off the counter and go on about his day to admire his stomach or clean behind his ears.


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