The Most Motivated Person in the World

determinationEvery time I run out of steam on a project, I think about a person who really wants to go to the bathroom. The person who feels the pressure building up. Tries to sit up straighter, take up more space on their chair, not laugh or God forbid, drink. Or even look at liquids. Or listen to them. Drip. Drip. Drip. We had a fountain at the office once. It was real torture.

But they know that the inevitable is coming and that time is getting away from them and they absolutely must get to the bathroom. Or there would be an explosion. And they would have to quit their job. And get away from everyone they knew. And preferably move to Mars.

At that moment, there are no obstacles for them. They’d never say:

–          It didn’t work out.

–          I knocked but they didn’t answer.

–          I lost hope. I didn’t think I could make it.

–          I decided to go tomorrow.

And for sure they wouldn’t say

–          I didn’t understand the task.

How often do we strive for our goals with the same determination?


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