Baby turtles and hazardous work environment

Work and beach are somewhere in the category of hot wax on your skin. It’s torturous.

You go to sleep to the calming effects of the ocean and a bottle of champagne and wake up to an alarm clock and emails. You put on a pair of work pants and a black shirt while everyone else is sporting bikinis and lobster tan. Your entire being is longing to jump off the balcony from a presidential suite that you are inspecting and straight into the pool below.

But instead, you try to ask intelligent questions and take notes, all along thinking about how you got it easy and it’s the guys who come here to hold meetings about nuclear energy or the advances in breast surgery who are really screwed.

The first gift on my site inspection trip to Mexico last week came from my computer.

It made it so that my computer broke down. Just as I was about to devote three hours of designated siesta time to catching up on work, the screen went black. The computer started to make noises like a helicopter going down. I tried once, I tried twice. After the third time, with clear conscience I went to the beach.

After all, someone had to test out the quality head rests in the pool the depth of my bathtub where you could sun tan and soak at the same time, all along feeling like a sea lion on Pier 39.

It also freed up time to check out local flavors:

Check out local architecture:

Get your hands on a baby crocodile:

Or on a baby iguana:

Or even get a kiss from Rufo the racoon:

It turned out that brides are cranky everywhere:

And that cows fly after all:

The second biggest gift came from nature. It turned out that it was the turtle reproductive season, and our hotel had a turtle nursery where they saved the eggs and let them catch in a sandbox protected from raccoons and locals. It also turned out that the turtles’ favorite place to bury their eggs was the beach volleyball court.

“Turtle patrol” digs the eggs out:

And takes care of them while mommy goes back into the ocean:

And by the way, the computer didn’t recover until I got back home, probably also wanting to enjoy in peace moments like these: